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Private client

"thank you so much for a job well done, you made it so simple"

H. Anderson

"WOW I'm blown away, thanks for being so amazing".

J & T

"We hired Neil seven years ago, to work on our apartment and commissioned  him again to design our house."


"I wanted an all white house, Neil designed the whole interior with hints of colour to emphasise the white. 

with patterns and textures on the walls too, cows drawn on the curtain fabrics, Warhol Soup cans framed the dining area

- while flush fitted  furniture gave me my clean lines I dreamed off.

Hi five Neil "



"I wanted a period house look with elegant curtains and a softly furnished statement bed.

Exactly what I wanted."

Private client

"Neil has help me with my home, the colours he chose were very different, I wasn't sure and nearly asked the painter to start again - but no I trusted him and I am so very very pleased with all his work."

Mrs Stevens

"The lights arrived, when we unpacked them, they looked so big - Neil reassured us they would be fine, once they were installed, what can I say just stunning ." 


"Neil was recommend, we have started to move slowly through the houses, work on one room at a time, each completed room makes me smile.

The curtains are beautiful, the colours used I'm comfortable with now - wasn't sure at first.



I used Neil a few years ago for my lounge. Neil's ideas just looked perfect, had no hesitation in going ahead.

He is now working on the rest of the house, the colours both dark and bright with perfect fabrics are just so so right.

My house is my personality. "

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